n 1865, Lot Kapuaiwa Kalanikapuapaikalaninui Ali`iolani Kalanimakua, His     Majesty  King Kamehameha V with the authority of the Constitution of the Kingdom established the Order of Kamehameha I.



he Order of Kamehameha I is a Knightly Order, such as in England and other European Nations.









¨ Knight’s Grand Cross

¨ Knight’s Commander

¨ Knight’s Companion




ther Sovereigns and Powers were also awarded similar high honors.





oday the members of the Order of Kamehameha I are obligated to the reinstatement of the Kingdom of Hawai`i and it is the duty and responsibility of the members to educate, train, prepare themselves and others as current community leaders as well as future leaders of our Nation.



he Order of Kamehameha I has active committees for Trust Oversight, Environmental Oversight, Cultural Oversight, as well as Legislative Affairs, and the very important but controversial issue of the reinstatement of the full and independent Kingdom of Hawai`i.



Order of Kamehameha I






embers of the Order of Kamehameha I were awarded for service to King & Country in three classes: